365 Day Bible Study, 1/19/21 – 1/20/22. We extend to you an open invitation to join us.

Currently in Week #18

This 365-Day Bible Study began on January 19, 2021, and will continue weekly through January 20, 2022. There is a Zoom meeting every Tuesday (7:30pm via Zoom) and Wednesday (9:30am @ church). If you would like to join please email NewarkFUMC@gmail.com with the subject “365 Day Bible Study”. This is open to members and nonmembers. Invite everyone. It doesn’t matter where they live or what church they go to. Don’t have Zoom. That’s okay. You can call in and still participate.

The texts for the study are your Bible and The Grand Sweep: 365 Days from Genesis Through Revelation by J. Ellsworth Kalas; Kalas’ book is available: from Amazon in paperback for $18.89* or Kindle for $14.74 (be sure to get the 2016 edition) from Cokesbury in paperback (ISBN 13: 9781501835988) for $13.49***Amazon will charge 8% sales tax and may charge shipping if you are not a Prime subscriber.**Cokesbury will not tax orders through NFUMC but will charge shipping, which Charlie will prorate per copy ordered.


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