Newarek FUMC Sanctuary ChristmasOur main sanctuary is over 200 years old with gorgeous wooden pews and panels that have been present to thousands of prayers, rituals, hymns, stories, scripture and sermons.

Our sanctuary was built in 1856, as the main structure of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  It replaced the original 1827 building.

Over the years, the church building was enlarged in 1888, 1915, and in 1923, to form what is worshiped in today.

In 1923 the sanctuary was rebuilt into basically what is used today.  The seven stain glass windows were added, which depict the life of Christ from birth to the resurrection.  At that time, the whole church building was transformed into the Tudor-Gothic design, with a 75 foot bell tower.

Interesting Historical Facts:

Below is additional information taken from the “First Methodist Episcopal Church, Newark, NY, Dedication Services” booklet.

“The dedication services of the First Methodist Episcopal Church (our present site) were held from January 27 to February 2, 1924.  At that time, our minister was Frank A. Boyd, our Bishop was William Burt, D.D., LL,D., and our District Superintendent was Lyford S. Boyd, D.D.

In 1805 Rev. Roger Benton, “remembering the beautiful country near the Ganargua Creek,” bought 100 acres of land from the William Pultney Company of Geneva.  At that time not a tree had been felled in this vicinity and Newark had no local habitation or name, so it is interesting to note from our records that this deed was signed by Lord Newark.  Rev. Benton had been compelled to retire from his work as an itinerant preacher on account of his health, so he built a log house and planned one large room for Methodist preaching.  This house was a center for Methodist preachers for many years.

The first Methodist Church in Newark (Methodist Episcopal Church) was begun in 1815 and stood for many years on the corner of North Main Street and Stuart Avenue, near where the cemetery now is.  In early days the burial ground was always near the church.  This building, one of moderate size, was dedicated in 1816.

The second church (The Old White Church) was built on the site of the present building in 1827, the land having Newark FUMC 1854 Methodist Episcopal Churchbeen donated by a good Methodist, Joseph Miller, at that time a very prominent business man of Newark.

In 1855 this building (The Old White Church) was moved to Union Street (where it was used as a village hall), and the following June, 1856, there was dedicated a new, much larger, more comfortable and more convenient church building.  A part of this building has been incorporated in our new church of today.

in 1871 we bought our first pipe organ at a cost of $3,000.  In 1888, $10,000 was subscribed for building an alcove for the organ and refitting and decorating the church.  In 1893 the parsonage was bought and in 1905 the church celebrated the Centennial of Newark Methodism with fitting ceremonies…..”

In 1915 began on an addition to the south side of the building and dedicated in 1917.

In 1918-24 the steeple was removed, the sanctuary remodeled into Akron-style, and a new exterior in Tudor Gothic style with a 75″ bell tower.

In 1956-58 remodeling included a new Chapel, Church Office, Pastor’s Study, and a divided chancel in Sanctuary.

In 1998-99 the Sanctuary was redecorated with paint and new carpeting.  The Parsonage was restored to 1890’s appearance with new siding and shutters.  Feb. 7, 1999, 75th Anniversary.

In recent years, among additional smaller projects, the church roof was replaced, the large stained glass windows facing east have been restored, sanctuary lighting has been updated, the fireplace room was remodeled into a lounge, downstairs bathrooms were remodeled, and new fire and security systems have been installed.


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