Stained Glass

Stained Glass photo by Vicki GeorgeFrequently in the  morning the beautiful stained glass windows in the main sanctuary come alive with color as the sun rises in the east.  They are breathtaking, especially during morning worship.

The stained glass speaks the gospel story of the birth of our Savior, attended by angels, shepherds and most unusually a child and a woman.  The story runs deep in our hearts to affirm God’s people are to receive the gift of grace that comes from the Lord.

The windows recently underwent a complete restoration and are magnificent.


The following article is from a Newark Newspaper written in, January 1924 (courtesy of Donald Combes):

William B. Chapman Installs Symbolical Memorial Windows:  The beautiful new stained-glass and hand-painted memorial windows in the new Methodist Episcopal church were designed and executed by a most skillful artist, William B. Chapman of Albany, New York, who recently placed a series of windows in the Senate and Senate Library at Washington.

For the subject of the windows, a theme has been carefully arranged, depicting scenes in the life of Christ, from the Nativity to the Resurrection, and they are carried out with great sincerity and depth of religious feeling.

Memorial windows have been placed to Harry R. Drake, by the Drake family; to S. B. VanDuser, by the VanDuser family; to William M. Fort, by Mrs. Fort; to Richard H. Palmer and Alida Hinman Palmer, by Mrs. R. H. Palmer; to Peter Schuyler Simpson; to Mr. and Mrs James N. Miller, by the Misses Harriet and Anna Miller; and to Orville Henry Allerton and Ida Leggett Allerton, by Ida M. Allerton and Edith Allerton Miller.  There is also a memorial window to Albert Cady and wife in the Brotherhood Room, placed by Mrs. Anna C. Reed; and one to Mary B. and Ada J. Soverhill in the Intermediate Room, placed by Cornelius Soverhill.

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