Sermons & Weekly Bulletins

To view messages from the Pastor and past sermons, follow the link below to the Pastors Corner.  We also have the upcoming sermon topics listed below.

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Recent Bulletins:

Click on link to view the 9/29/2019 bulletin:  Newark FUMC Bulletin 09292019


Sermon Topics Coming up in October 2019:

Honoring our Past – How can an understanding of our own encounters and practices with generosity shape and influence our current and future practices?

Honoring Creation – How can we be good stewards of God’s creation in a way that supports appropriate use and care of this gift?

Honoring our Community and Culture – How can we engage with the people and culture around us to further our witness in relevant ways?

Honoring the Body of Christ – How can we live out our call to be the church so that we lift up the best parts of being a community of faith together?

Honoring Ourselves – How can we take care of ourselves in a way that reminds us of the gift of life we’ve been given?

Honoring the Future – What does all of this mean for how we live from this day forward, leaning into God’s abundant gifts to us?


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