United Methodist Women (UMW)


United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

The Next Meeting of the UMW Rebecca-Ruth Circle is Thurs., Sept. 10th at 10:00 AM, Church Lounge.

Fall 2020 Rummage Sale

Word is out – the basement rummage room is overflowing with great stuff and we desperately need to have a sale!  Because we have so much, and because of Covid, this fall’s sale is going to look a lot different!

First off, it will be a 2 week event!  You heard that right!  We have so much it will take 2 weeks to sell it all.  Here is the schedule:

  • Sunday, October 11 – Carry items from the rummage room to the dining room after church
  • Monday, Oct. 12 and Tuesday, Oct. 13 – Mark items and place on tables
  • Thursday, Oct. 15 and Friday, Oct. 16 – Sale days, 9am – 5pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 17 – $1 bag sale, 9am – 11am
  • Sunday, Oct. 18 – Bring out the remaining items from the rummage room after church
  • Monday, Oct. 19 and Tuesday, Oct. 20 – Mark the remaining items
  • Thursday, Oct. 22 and Friday, Oct. 23 – Sale days, 9am – 5pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 24 – $1 bag sale, 9am – 11am, followed by CLEAN UP!

Everyone (workers and buyers) will be expected to wear a mask.  Workers may wear rubber gloves.  The number of people allowed in the dining room at any one time will be limited to Covid restrictive counts.  Everyone will enter by the front door of the church, descend to the dining room, and exit through the kitchen to the Scout Room, where purchases will be bagged and paid for.  Everyone will then exit through the Scout Room door.

Sign-up sheets to help will soon be posted in the main hallway.  However, because of the length of the sale, people’s concerns about working, and the great need for workers, BE PREPARED FOR A PHONE CALL ASKING FOR HELP!!  Rummage sales bring in the majority of money that we use for our missions.  We need everyone’s assistance.  This is a non-gender specific event, so MEN, please help!


UMW Meetings:  There were no UMW meeting in January and February.  Regular monthly UMW meetings resumed on Thursday, March 12, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. in the church lounge. These meetings will be held the second Thursday of each month at 10:00am in the lounge.  (Meetings may be cancelled due to COVID).  Please join us for prayer, fellowship, and mission purpose.

The women in this fellowship meet to develop a deeper connection to Christ and to embody the work of the Lord through raising funds that find their way to help the people of God, here in our community and beyond the borders of Newark. You are most welcome to join us.


(On hold due to COVID-19)

The crafters group has resumed weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm.  Please come join us for fun and fellowship.


Some of our missional purpose is committed to giving our time and talent toward:

Funeral Receptions
Missions / Camperships for youth
Sunshine Group – cards to sick, homebound, and hospital
Hannick Hall – gift bags of personal items provided to women in need
District Missions
Mission Reading Books
Campus Ministries
Prayer Shawls
Annual Day Trip
Kitchen & lounge kitchenette maintenance
Semi Annual Rummage Sales
Annual Christmas Cookie Sale
Bi-Annual Bazaar

December 14, 2019, Annual Cookie Sale was a huge success.  Thank you to the many volunteer bakers and workers, and to the community for supporting this annual event.  Here are a few pictures:

April 11-13, 2019 Rummage Sale:  A heartfelt thanks to all those who helped with the Rummage Sale, and to our many wonderful customers.  The sale was a great success, even with the limited parking due to ongoing Main Street Construction.

2018 Annual Christmas Cookie Sale:  Thank you to everyone who baked, decorated, helped with box building, setup and filling trays, helped at the cookie sale on Dec. 15, and to our wonderful community who visited us and made our cookie sale a huge success.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dec 2018 Cookie Elves

2018 UMW Christmas Luncheon:

A heartfelt Thank You to Pastor Yang for hosting the annual UMW Christmas luncheon at the Parsonage on Thursday, December 6th.  We enjoyed fellowship, a delicious dish-to-pass lunch (like only Methodist women can do), and a fun Secret Santa gift exchange.  Below are some pictures from the event.  We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year!!!

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