Lay Servant Ministries – Basic Course begins in April 2022. Contact church office.

Have you experienced the calling to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but are not quite sure how to be a disciple after confessing faith and being baptized?

Maybe you are wondering what your spiritual gifts are or your purpose in life is? You have confessed your faith in Jesus Christ, you have been baptized, now, you go to church and join groups, you volunteer, but you still feel as there is something more you could or should be doing?

Do you want to become a member of a Methodist Church? Or would like to renew your connection after you have been away for a while?

Maybe you are a member already, you have gotten this far, but you still are unsure what it is that you are meant to do?

If you are a leader of a group (Women’s Group, Men’s Group, Bible Study, Youth Group, hospitality, Evangelism, work with shut-ins) or part of a committee, you are urged to join the Lay Servant Ministries – Basic Course. It may be just what you and/or your congregation needs.

Participants are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as God intended and to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable to grow in their discipleship.

If you are a pastor of a church and you have new members or potential new members, they are invited to join us in this journey. If you have Sunday School or a small group in need of a study after Easter, they too are invited to join as well.

Rev. David Herrmann and his lovely wife Cindy Herrmann (a Certified Lay Servant) are gracious enough to offer a Lay Servant Ministries – Basic Course, right here at Newark First United Methodist Church. Located at 301 S. Main Street, Newark, NY 14513. This Course will require a minimum of 6 participants and 10 contact hours (i.e., five 2-hour weekly sessions or you can choose a Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon retreat format). If there is sufficient need, we may offer the course as a hybrid or separately as a zoom course. None of these require you to preach or to lead formal worship services.

Session Topics:

†       Ministry of the Baptized

o   Priesthood of all believers

o   Spiritual gifts

o   The need for a response to God’s call

o   The role of laity in ministry

†       Leading

o   Servant leadership

o   Important roles in leadership

o   What it means to be a spiritual leader

o   Christian conferencing

†       Caring

o   Biblical basis for caring ministry

o   Acts of compassion and justice

o   Caring for creation

†       Communication

o   Guidelines for respectful communication

o   Listening skills

o   Sharing faith stories

†       Into the world

o   Understanding a leader’s role in fulfilling the Great Commission

o   Importance of continued study and spiritual growth

o   Role of hospitality

o   Appreciative inquiry and Asset-Based Community Development

How to join:

†       Email

o   Subject Line: Lay Servant Ministries

o   Body: Please provide your name, email address, phone number, what church you are a member of and that you are joining the course make sure to let us know which session schedule you would prefer.

Once the course is scheduled:

†       Go to

o   Click on Store

o   Order your book

  • Hardcover = $12 (recommended for future reference)

eBook = $9.00


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