Barb Seppeler guest conducted the Chancel Choir on October 2.

On Sunday October 2nd we celebrated Barb & Dan Seppeler at a special service and reception.  Best Wishes to them both in their future endeavors.

From the October 2022 Messenger Newsletter (written by Kathy Cornwell):

Due to difficult family circumstances, Barb Seppeler took a year’s leave from her positions as our chancel choir and bell choir director.  She has since decided not to return but wanted to lead the choir one last time to say a proper good-bye.

The choir is happy to have her as our guest director on Sunday, October 2nd at the 10am service.  Please plan to attend to honor her many years of devotion to our church’s music ministry.

Barb became our church’s choir director in January 1986.  (I remember that first rehearsal in the former lounge when Barb came in carrying tiny Christine in her baby seat!) Over the next three decades, Barb’s high standards for our choir formed us into a musically advanced group.  She loves great music and chose so many wonderful pieces for us, pieces that are still in our repertoire today.  She insisted on a warm, blended tone with correct vowel sounds, and good consonants so we could be understood by the congregation.  Together we have taken on challenging projects, like Christmas cantatas, Tenebrae services and hosting the TIC Thanksgiving Eve service.

One of our choir’s great achievements was the CD we recorded many years ago.  There are still copies available!  Check with the church office if you don’t have one.  Barb regrets that we never got to travel to Europe and perform in some of the cathedrals there, but I think just knowing she believed we were good enough to do that is tribute enough.

Barb, her husband Dan and their children have been familiar faces in our church for 35 years, and we miss having them with us on Sundays.  But they are members of our church family still, and we will continue to pray for each other and look for opportunities to make music together in the future!



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