Worship Service – Sunday April 24th, 2022

Sunday, April 24th 2022, 10:00am

Service Leader: Lucina Hallagan

Organist/Pianist: Stephanie Mercer

Special Music: The No Name Yet Quartet

Music used with permission under CCLI and CCVI Licensing Agreements.

Bulletin 04242022

Kyle, Announcements:
  • Open house for camp casowasco is Sunday, May 22nd 1-5PM
  • Today at 3 PM is the piano recital
  • June 11th Laurel House 5K is back in full force. Even though on the 7th annual race it is back in person, you also have the option to do the race virtually if you do not feel right doing it in person.
  • Today is the day we bless the food
  • Make sure your articles are in
  • Please schedule times you are available to help Owen Hughes move May 9th or May 10th with Charlie or Karen.


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