Today’s Message, 4/8/2020

Matthew 26:1-16.  An account of the unfolding plot for Judas’ betrayal of Jesus, the woman anointing Jesus with oil, and much more, …

Jesus spends time with his disciples, teaching them, and speaking truth to them about the time to come.  He enjoys dinner at a friend’s house when a woman anoints him with expensive perfumed oil which Jesus explains is to prepare his body for burial.  In the meantime, Judas is meeting with the religious leaders and agrees to betray Jesus to them, hoping to force Jesus into rising up and become the avenging King to break the yoke of Roman oppression. His price:  30 pieces of silver.   Judas was a trusted member of the inner circle who walked closely with Jesus, night and day, for 3 years! He had expectations that Jesus was just not doing so he thought he could manipulate the situation to force God’s hand.  

Have you ever tried to manipulate things to force God’s hand? 

Have you ever attempted to pray in a way that demands only one answer, the one you want?  

In your walk with Jesus, do you sometimes misunderstand your purpose? 

How might you respond to the following basic questions that relate to your identity, purpose, potential, destiny and heritage:

Who am I?


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