Preparing for Holy Week through Easter, 4/1/2020

Dear Church family,

As we prepare for Holy Week in the midst of Covid-19, here are some ideas of how we might intentionally celebrate our faith this season with Christians all around the world.

While John Wesley said, “The Word Is My Parish”, the reality of Covid-19 takes us back to house churches recorded in the Book of Acts 1:13 where the disciples of Jesus met together in the Upper Room of a House.  I particularly think of the Church meeting in the House of Priscilla and Acquila celebrated in the Epistle to the Romans 16:3,5.  And so, I pray that in your house Church you may:

• Share in a home foot-washing with those with whom you are sheltering in place on Holy Thursday to replicate Jesus asking his disciples to serve each other.

 • Share in prayers at home on Good Friday and blow out a candle to symbolize the crucifixion.

• Hang white Christmas lights (or other lights, or electric candles) on Holy Saturday and turn them on Easter morning in time for what might have been your Easter Sunrise service.

• Write in chalk on your driveway or sidewalk the words, “Christ is risen!”

• Step outside with the persons with whom you are sheltering in place and offer a prayer of thanksgiving. 

Best wishes for a meaningful Holy Season! PK


    • newarkfirstumc says: · ·Reply

      Thank you Carolyn. I hope you are all healthy and safe. Happy Easter.
      Nancy S.

      • Carolyn says: ·

        Staying thru April which was the original plan. Yesterday was last day of Pickleball. Already going thru withdrawal.

        The new normal is a trial we’re all gonna have to get used to.

        Stay safe and wash your hands!

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