Today’s Word – 3/24/2020

Dear Church family:

Our Word to Command this day is from Exodus 23:25!

If you worship me, the Lord your God, I will bless you with food and water and take away all your illnesses.

  • What a blessing from God and by God to bless us with food and water.
  • Illnesses deprive us of our wellness.
  • Illnesses deprive us of our strength.
  • Illnesses concern us.
  • Illnesses deprive us of peace of mind and body.

But hear this good news family:

  • The Lord wants you to focus on him and him alone; for healing.
  • Is the Lord not the one who gives us the knowledge of managing our lives?
  • If we read God’s WORD, follow the Lord’s directives, take God’s advice, listen to God’s Word and people and: worship the Lord; Then we shall be well and eat of the Lord’s food and drink of the Lord’s water.

PRAYER: Bless us O Lord, bless our food and water that sustain us, bless the water that washes our hands and let these be the source of healing. Hear us as we raise our voices to you.  Hear us O Lord as we kneel before your mercy seat in this time of anguish. In your holy NAME we pray. AMEN.

Have a blessed Tuesday!


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